Interview Video Production

Question: “What’s your favorite color?” Answer: “blue.” Question: “Can you say that in a complete sentence?” - the off screen voice that no one ever sees

Behind the Scencs of one of our Green Screen Interviews
On-Location Interviews
Candid interviews from a corporate event
NYC International Event with On-Site Studio
Interview with "The Peabody Duck Master"
Behind the Secnes: "The Peabody Duck March"

Click on any of the above iamges to view a sample of our work. Videos here range from full length, to snipits, or even behind the scenes (BTS).

Interviews and Green Screens

Multiple camera angles, professional lighting and atmosphere, separated professional audio, lower-thirds titles, motion graphics, we can set the stage for a live interview, or pre-recorded message to distribute around the world.

Our interviews range from former presidents, prime ministers, to CEO's of top companies. Need to get your message out? We can help. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to give you what you need. From a formal interview in the studio, to onsite with our portable studio lighting on green screen, we can turn your message into reality.

Want to make a big hit at the next meeting but can't make it there? We can record your message prior to the big meeting, incorporate your Power Point slides, edit it with our 3D graphics, and deliver it for a big impression.

Our interviews include:

  • Multi camera operation
  • Professional experienced interviewer
  • Portable studio lighting for on-site setup
  • Professional audio. (even in loud environments)
  • Comfortable, fun atmosphere for interviewee


Some of the examples above are from our long term partnership with Meetings & Conventions Magazine and Successful Meetings Magazine. You can find more examples of what we are doing with here.


  • Visual Concept
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Pre and Post Production
  • Client Reviews and Input


Types of Video Production we specialize in:


High end fashion, to 30 sec spots, we have the range and experence to deliver on-time, and on-budget.


You could say we specialize in shooting corporate events. Click here to find out how and why.

Aerial Drone

Add aerial footage to really bring your production levels to new heights. (Literary!)

2D/3D Motion Graphics

Lower-thirds to full 3D special effects, we have everything you need to up the level of any production.