Architecture Photography

Look at that sexy building! - Said no one. Ever.

Here are just some of the services we provide for our Architecture Photography customers:

  • Perspectively Correct Photography
  • 360 Panoramic Photography
  • Interiors / Exteriors
  • All Stages of Construction
  • 3D Virtual Reality Tours

Explore examples of our virtual reality tours here.

Architecture Photography

It can be hard to make a picture of a building sexy. Translating the beauty of a physical space on film can prove difficult, but we have the skills and equipment to capture a great looking, perspective correct image that will highlight the unique aspects of any size space or project.

We have experience shooting all facets of architecture; from sterile industrial warehouses spaces to the bustling Cipriani's in NYC, we've been there and you can trust us to show your space in its best light.

Check out our gallery below– you'll be impressed.

Our commercial real estate virtual realties are created to immerse the viewer in your environment as much as possible. From an industrial clean room, to a private residence on the market, our VR's will enhance your online marketing, increase your search engine optimization (SMO), and give your customers the information they need to make critical decisions.

Other types of Photography we specialize in:


High end fashion, to 30 sec spots, we have the range and experience to deliver on-time, and on-budget


You could say we specialize in shooting corporate events. Click here to find out how and why.


From a simple can to a high end car, we can capture your product in a way that will entice your customers.

Virtual Realities 360

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Virtual Reality by Pixel-Pro would be worth a million.