Aerial Video Production

“Get to the choppa! Now!” - In your best Schwarzenegger voice

Drones, Drones, Drones.

Drones are everywhere in the news these days, from battlefield technology to playground toys. We're talking about something different. Our drones are especially designed to carry the latest HD, and 4k cameras, taking photography and video to new heights (literally!).

Our drones are small, lightweight and travel easily to any location. We operate them with a remote control and can zoom around any landscape, adding significant production value to your next shoot. Combining these new-age aerial shots with our gold standard still photography, HD video, and 3D motion graphics, ensures a dynamic final result.

Put it this way: our small drone can capture shots that, before now, weren't even possible with a helicopter. We promise we'll be cheaper and less disruptive without sacrificing quality. In fact, not only can our drones fly as high as a helicopter, they can fly mere feet off the ground allowing for incredible flexibility when capturing the perfect shot. And we won't make fun of you if you still want to yell "get to the choppa!" in your best Schwarzenegger voice.

Our aircrafts include:

  • Ulta HD video quality
  • Still Photography
  • Long flight times
  • Realtime live feed from aircraft
  • GPS guided and autonomous flights
  • Beyond visual range flights


Some of the industries we service: Commercial/High End Real Estate, Film and video Production, Corporate Events, & Live Concerts. Contact us today to find out what we've been up to!


  • Multi-rotor drone aircraft
  • Visual Concept
  • Video Production
  • Still Photography
  • Pre and Post Production
  • Client Reviews and Input


Types of Video Production we specialize in:


High end fashion, to 30 sec spots, we have the range and experence to deliver on-time, and on-budget.


You could say we specialize in shooting corporate events. Click here to find out how and why.


Intimate to socal, YouTube to national spot, our style is fun and inviting. Our finished products are outstanding.

2D/3D Motion Graphics

Lower-thirds to full 3D special effects, we have everything you need to up the level of any production.